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CalmerU starts here. Lisa Pestell offers hypnotherapy informed,  client centred solutions for adults, adolescents and children.
Lisa Pestell Hypnotherapist

Meet Lisa Pestell


I am a qualified hypnotherapist working from Bexhill on Sea in East Sussex and also online, anywhere in the UK. Following a long career in Education as a teacher and leader, I bring life experience and compassion to my work as a therapist. I am passionate about helping people overcome issues which are preventing them from leading happy lives.

Through a combination of coaching and hypnotherapy, I offer a completely personalised program for every client. My clients tell me that they leave each session feeling refreshed and lighter in their step. They describe long term change which can be transformational. I am happy to work with clients with a wide range of personal goals; you can see some examples below, but I am happy to consider others.

I am Hypno4Children trained and have years of experience working with children in an education setting. I believe I can build rapport quickly with children and young people to support them with the issues which they might be experiencing.

If you feel that hypnotherapy informed treatment could be right for you or your child/young person, and you think I could be the therapist for you, you can complete the brief online form below, and book a free 30 minute online initial consultation. As well as finding out more about you and your presenting issue, you will have the opportunity to meet me and find out more about what to expect and the number of sessions I would recommend.

Lisa Pestell

Meet Amelia


I found the sessions with Lisa very relaxing and calming. I have struggled with anxiety and self esteem issues for ever. Lisa was very easy to talk to, putting me at ease very quickly. Lisa is very person centred, taking her lead from me, and going at my pace. She offered a  variety of techniques for relaxation and in dealing with situations that I would normally have found difficult.

I am now able to take control of situations, not be anxious about situations I have no control over and be kind to myself. I no doubt will be seeing Lisa again for the odd top up session. Thank you so much for helping and guiding me. I would recommend Lisa 100%


Why Naturopathy

Why Hypnotherapy?

It can help with

Stress, Anxiety, Self-Esteem

When stress or anxiety (sometimes underpinned by low self-esteem) start to impact upon your quality of life, a combination of talking, hypnosis and lifestyle changes can support a return to a state of happiness and well-being.

Exam/Test Anxiety

Hypnotherapy can help you to prepare for important but potentially stressful events through a combination of relaxation and visualisation, so that you can be your confident best on the day. 


When faced with our biggest fears, our powerful subconscious mind will overrule common sense and render us helpless. Through relaxation and powerful suggestions, hypnotherapy can help conquer phobias and bring peace and confidence.

Other Issues

Hypnotherapy can be used to support a huge range of presenting issues. If you take the next steps to complete the online form and book a free online initial consultation, I will consider whether your issue a suitable one.

Childhood and Adolescence

Childhood should be a happy, carefree time for children but they can experience anxieties and  have problems regulating their emotions. Children can be especially receptive to hypnotherapy. to help with issues such as, school phobia, exam stress, bed wetting, phobias, eating issues and much more.


Becoming a non-smoker

If you are truly ready to become a non-smoker, hypnotherapy can be a powerful and positive tool to build on that desire. Visualisation and powerful suggestions, personalised to your own motivations can lead to changes to the subconscious that lead to permanent change.

What is hypnotherapy?

Most people have experienced a trance state. For example when driving, suddenly realising that you have not been aware of driving because you have been in the world of your imagination, your subconscious, or watch TV and being unaware that someone is calling you because you are so deeply involved in the narrative of the programme.


Hypnotherapy takes the client into a deeply relaxed state, so they can enter into their subconscious mind. It is a a heightened state of focus that allows the client to access wisdom they already have and listen to messages delivered by the therapist. Thus, changes can be made to unhelpful emotions, feelings and beliefs.

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Contact Info
Lisa Pestell
Dip Hypnotherapy, BEd hons, NPQH


07891 102 341



174 Cooden Drive,
Bexhill on Sea,
TN39 3AH

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